Top Ten Beaches to Visit by Private Jet

Commercial airlines are providing more comfortable seats, suites and other facilities to make your travel more enjoying and fabulous than ever before. And, yet flying by private jets remains the most luxurious and comfortable way to travel because of the benefits which these commercial airlines can never provide.

The major difference between traveling by a private jet and flying by commercial airlines is that flying private is a personal affair and it’s all about you whereas flying commercial is all about the airline and getting to the location. Getting tired of New York’s maddening crowd, book a private charter jet and enjoy the freedom of flying wherever you want and whenever you wish. You can travel from the remote islands to the heavenly resorts.

The following are the lists of some of the famous beaches in the world where you can travel in a comfy and hassle-free way.

Nothing beats the Vitamin Sea1.  Baia do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha(Brazil)

It is heavenly to spend your holidays in Fernando de Noronha. It is one among the 21 lush islands that are scattered in the Atlantic Ocean. It is the native land of several species of birds, and the nearby waters are filled with humpback whales, sea turtles, and different kinds of friendly dolphins. Baia do Sancho is situated on the North-East coast of Brazil with easy accessibility by airplane. And your journey would be more luxurious and comfortable with the private jets in the Fernando de Noronha Airport.

2. Eagle Beach, Aruba (Caribbean)

Eagle beach can boast of its pristine and soft white sands. It is the widest beach in Aruba which offers ample place for parking, large shaded areas, and a variety of water sports.
Every year the local families gather here to enjoy the tradition of camping. Moreover, most of the turtle’s nests in Aruba are spotted in Eagle Beach.

Queen Beatrix International Airport welcomes all the private jet travelers to enjoy their holidays in this festive season in the Eagle Beach. It has flight services to the United States, most countries in the Caribbean, the northern coastal countries of South America, Canada, and some parts of Europe.

3. Varadero beach (Cuba)

Varadero is well-known as a tourist resort town. This beach is covered with white sand and beautifully lined with the coconut trees. It was the dwelling place of many famous and infamous people like Al Capone. After the Cuban Revolution in 1959 many of the renowned mansions were taken away by the governments from their owners. Gradually these mansions became interesting museums for the tourists.

You can also travel here in the private airplanes as the Juan Gualberto  Gomez Airport is nearby. It is only 26 km from the beach.

4. Grace Bay, Providenciales( Turks and Caicos)

Turks and Caicos is a beautiful turquoise watered island in the Caribbean. The tourists can enjoy its lovely beaches and sunshine all year round. To reach this heavenly place you can travel through any private jets. As comfort and convenience are the keywords behind the private aircraft so, why shouldn’t you experience it to the fullest!

5. Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman(Caribbean)

Seven Mile Beach is a crescent-shaped long coral beach which is situated towards the western part of Grand Cayman Island. Recently this beach has acquired the title of, “the Best Caribbean Beach” and was featured in Caribbean Travel & Life magazine. Though the name of the beach is “Seven Mile Beach” but it is 5.5 miles long.

Owen Roberts International is the leading international airport of the Cayman Islands and also the basecamp for Cayman Airways.

6. Clear Water Beach, Florida (USA)

Clear Water Beach is characterized by the white sand beaches which are stretched for about 2.5 miles along the Gulf and stops at a barrier island. The tourists can engage themselves by shopping, skiing, parasailing, fishing, and many other outdoor activities. It has also been ranked as one of the best beaches in the United States. St Pete-Clearwater International Airport is the perfect landing destination for the jet travelers. So, fly to Florida in the coming holiday.

7. La Concha Beach, San Sebastian (Spain)

The beach of La Concha is a beach in the bay of La Concha in San Sebastian. It is one of the famous urban beaches in Europe. San Sebastian Airport is a famous airport of this place, and it is only a few miles away from the beach. Traveling on this beach in private jets will be a memorable one.

The picturesque Bavaro Beach in Dominican Republic8. Bavaro Beach (Dominican Republic)

Bavaro is a popular beach with calm crystal clear water and white sand. It is surrounded by many shops, hotels, and restaurants for the benefit of the tourists. This beach also features outdoor swimming and various water sports. Bavaro is a great choice for travelers who are interested in the excursion, nightlife and water sports.

With just a few hours of notice, you can book your private jet from Punta Cana International Airport which is just 17 km away from the beach site.

9. Seven Mile Beach, Negril (Jamaica)

Unlike Seven Mile Beach of Cayman, this beach covers a large area. It is loaded with activities and attractions that will surely enjoy you. This beach is decorated and facilitated with many renowned hotels. The Seven Mile Beach in Negril is only 1 hr 28 min away from the nearest airport, Sir Donald Sangster Airport in Montego Bay. Hurry up and book your private air tickets to enjoy this picturesque beach during this holiday

10. Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres (Mexico)

Isla Mujeres is a small island which is five-mile long situated in the North of Cancun in Mexico. It is well- known for its warm waters and seafood that is found in every corner. This beach can be well traveled by private jets because the passengers can land this beach directly, whereas the passengers of the commercial and private flights use a ferry ride to reach the beach.

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