SEO Mistakes Local Hostels Make

With the booming travel industry, there are now many travel agencies, tour operators, hotels, hostels, inns, and bed and breakfasts that are offering their services to locals and foreigners. If you are in the travel industry, you are expected to be visible online. Many travelers now book their flights, tours, and accommodation online; therefore, you are losing lots of opportunities if you choose not to market online.

There are now many accommodations to choose from, and the competition is getting tougher as more people can now afford to travel. In fact, many prioritize traveling over purchasing a new car or home, with couples choosing to fly instead of investing in a property. The romanticism surrounding travel cannot be underestimated, with photos, videos, books, and journals published highlighting the wanderer’s personal experiences.

Your hostel should stand out from competitorsIf you are a local hostel and you only have one property, the challenge of selling your brand cannot be taken for granted. Why would people want to book with you instead of doing it with a more popular hostel?

To encourage people to go to your hostel, it is crucial to find something that will set you apart from the rest. You must offer something unique that cannot be seen in any other hostel. If you are the only accommodation that’s available in an area, then it’s good news for you. You won’t have much of a problem regarding marketing because you don’t need to compete with someone else. All you have to do is to make sure that you have an excellent presence online, and you have excellent customer service.

But for most hostels who have to deal with competition, what must you do to improve your online marketing strategies? For sure, a creative digital marketing agency in New York City can guide you the must-dos to gain better results online. However, SEO mistakes that local hostels make are rarely discussed. So, we’re going to highlight these below:

Offering free WiFi and being active on social media1. You are just like any other hostel

Offering generic services like “comfortable beds,” “good Wi-Fi signal,” “free parking,” “free breakfast,” and “affordable rates”? Then, for sure, your hostel will only drown out of consumers’ minds. Potential guests would want to experience something different. And so to set yourself apart from the rest, you must offer something unique, too. If you are a hip hostel, a small detail like “hipster rooms” can pull in a crowd. Many millennials are traveling these days. So, think of something that you can offer that is different from the rest.

2. You don’t provide visuals

If you are a hostel, you cannot just publish text articles on your blog and social media pages. And expect people to book. You must make the most of photos and videos in drawing in your crowd. Curate your content and publish often and regularly.

Thriving as a hostel is possible if you offer something unique that potential guests would want to experience. Make the most of the opportunity to publish your brand online, and continue to tweak your strategies until you see the results you’ve been looking for.

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