Do’s and Don’ts of Pest Control in Guest Houses

Pests will never be welcomed in any guest house. They will always be a nuisance and annoyance to all guests and employees. That’s the reason why the pest control business is a lucrative industry in the State of New York. There are some pests who are just so difficult to eradicate from our guest house and only the pest control companies have the power to solve that problem. We hire only the reliable pest control company in NYC, when the problem is getting too much for our staff to handle.

If, however, the guest house pest condition is not too severe and you can do the spraying and eradication on your own, feel free to do so. Just make sure that you follow the critical tips to do it right and safe for everyone in the house.

Dogs are effective to identify areas where pests thrivePrevention

  • Do try preventing the pest to come or loiter in your house. You have to remove all possible places that the pests can stay on. You need to store food in a sealed plastic so it won’t attract insects and pests. And don’t forget to throw the garbage containing food scraps in tightly closed containers or plastics.
  • Do use the pesticides correctly and safely. Read the housekeeping instruction/checklist carefully. Make sure that you keep them away from children and pets and mark the place where you put the pesticides on for your family’s safety, as well as your pets, too.
  • Do use baits to attract the insects or rodents.

Safety First

  • Don’t spray the pesticide over the whole guest room as it might not be suitable for your children or the pets in the house. It is better to spray it on places or locations frequented by the pests or insects.
  • Do buy and use ready-to-use products as they are easier to use and follow.
  • If you ask someone or a professional to do the pest control for you, ask them to find out where is the exact source of the problem before they will apply the pesticide.
  • Do apply products that are safe to use at home. Don’t just buy anything you see in the supermarket that says “pest control” or “pesticide.”
  • Throw away leftover pesticides and its containers properly. There are instructions found on the label of the product on how you should dispose of them.

Handling Toxic Pesticides

  • Never use outdoor chemical products inside the house. It might be dangerous to use outdoor products indoors since they can remain toxic.
  • Don’t use too much pesticide. It can be damaging to your family’s health.
  • Don’t put pesticides in other containers. It would be safe and better to keep them in their original containers.


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