Biking vs. Running: Which Exercise is Better?

Cycling and running are two of the most common exercise recommendations when you want to lose weight and be the better version of you. Primarily because these two exercises help burn a lot of calories. It is common knowledge that when you burn more calories than you take in, the result will be a significant weight loss.

Biking and running are both good workoutsAlthough biking and running are both beneficial to the body and are significantly effective if you want to shed off those extra pounds, one can still work well for you than the other. Option A might work well for you while Option B might work well for your friend or other people. For New Yorkers, you do not even have to purchase a bicycle because you can avail Bike Rentals & Tour of Central Park. It is as easy as a walk in the park literally!

However, for the sake of weighing which exercise suits you well, especially if you both like doing these two, here are some of the pointers or factors you have to consider in making your choice:

1. Calories burned

When a person weighing 150 lbs cycles moderately (about 13 miles per hour), he or she can burn approximately 400 calories in just 40 minutes. With running, however, a 150-lbs person can burn about 500 calories during a 40-minute run. It is because running requires you to support your body weight.

Cycling is low impact but effective2. The benefits

Both biking and running can strengthen your heart and improve the overall health condition of your body. Both of these cardiovascular exercises help build leg muscles and raise the mobility at the hip joint. With running, it helps build the density of the bone since it is a weight-bearing exercise.

3. Ease of action

Cycling is easier to do than running, especially if you already know how to ride a bike. You can enjoy the process and don’t really feel that you are exercising. Although it is also challenging, you can start off with just leisure biking around until you can do a fast pedaling. Moreover, cycling is a better option if you have a significant weight to lose since it puts less pressure on your joints. With running, you need to warm-up first before you can start the activity. You need to either walk or jog first to prepare your body and ease into the intensity of running and avoid the risk of developing shin splints.

No matter what exercise you choose, whether it will be running or cycling, the success of your goal to lose weight will depend on how determined you are to lose weight and determined to reach your goal. Just do whatever suits you best or whatever you think you are more comfortable to do and stick with it. Likewise, if you can do both, that would be awesome. But don’t pressure yourself. You have to enjoy the road to losing weight and don’t burden yourself with the thought that these exercises are hard to do.

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