A Beginner’s Guide to Starting an Information Marketing Business

According to freelance writer and book author Jenna Glatzer, the demand for experts is strong. And she’s right.

In today’s world, commerce is becoming more than just about an exchange of tangible goods, but also ideas. Anyone with a skill or talent that other people can derive value from can potentially tap into their knowledge base and turn it into a moneymaking venture, particularly in the form of an information marketing business.

What is Information Marketing?

Getting Started on Information MarketingWhen people discuss information marketing, the most common thing comes up are e-books and full-length published materials. However, the term can also include things like articles, newsletters, weblogs, brochures, and viral reports. Information marketing has always existed in one way or another, but advances in Internet technology have made it easier even for people with limited resources to disseminate information to a mass audience at very low costs.

Many people see information marketing as a potentially lucrative business venture; and, indeed, there are countless stories of individuals who have made as much as six figures from this business.

Starting Web Information Marketing

Those who possess knowledge on setting up websites and on using multiple marketing channels on the web definitely have good prospects. For starters with limited technical expertise, there are still some ways to create a professional brand without spending too much money or time.

The Website

Begin with a website highlighting your nicheStarting an online business begins with, apparently, a web presence. A website is the best route to go because it allows its owners to create their own independent brand. When leveraging your web presence, some search engine rankings & marketing know-how are necessary. Having a website puts people in control of their online business and provides them with a sense of officiality that they are in fact, a real business entity.

While it is advisable to create a business website from scratch, those who have not learned HTML just yet can turn to sites like Weebly and WordPress. Note that for the latter, there is a distinction between wordpress.com (a free blogging platform that does not allow users to carry advertisements) and wordpress.org (which requires people to pay web hosting fees). WordPress.org, like its .com counterpart, appears in an online journal format. So it might not have the look of a normal website.

Weebly, on the other hand, is a fully customizable website building platform. It lets people drag items to a blank page. Users can create multiple pages to their website, depending on their needs. Weebly is advisable for newbies because of its intuitive interface and professional presentation.

The Informational Product

Creating a digital book manuscript is as comfortable as typing on a computer screen. With the increase in sales of e-readers like the Kindle and the Nook, self-publishers today are lucky to have a wide market that are tapped anytime. Websites like Createspace, Outskirts Press, and Lightning Source are all helpful sources for self-publishers.

For those who are not yet prepared to put out a book, it is also possible to start an online newsletter. By using blogs or websites as a publishing platform and then to create a reader base through autoresponders.

Autoresponders are those sign-up sheets on web pages that ask for the name and e-mail of the site’s visitors. Getting them may cost a small monthly fee, but it’s worth getting one. Even though it may be just a small part of a website, autoresponders are valued by marketing experts as a crucial ingredient in generating and retaining leads.

The Marketing Platform

Explore all online platformsThe final stage in creating a business out of selling information is creating a reliable process for selling it. Since most information marketing businesses are on the web, advertising is also done on the internet, for the most part.

That’s a good thing, considering that many tools are available now for all to use. Everyone has heard of Facebook, Twitter, and Google. All of these can help in creating a consumer base. But those who decide to use them must tread with caution. Promoting products and services via social media sites and search engine advertisements must take into account costs, effectiveness, and other usual considerations in business budgeting.

It is always important to remember that while the Internet provides massive benefits to many businesses. Online business is not a magical thing that will work and pay for itself. It required management and detailed strategizing.

There is no better time to get into the information marketing business than now. The Internet has provided many people with a platform to engage in all kinds of enterprises. And for those who possess the valuable knowledge, this is a golden opportunity that is only waiting to be tapped.


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